Emarati landscape photographer, currently based in Sharjah. I started my experience in photography in 2006 and participated in various exhibitions within the UAE and across the world.

In 2011, I started to specialize in landscape photography, given my interest in the UAE’s vast Desert landscape. My landscape photography work was published in different media channels and magazines.

I have lead a number of photography workshops within the UAE, and won three awards at different contests and competitions.

My passion of nature is to show it from different perspective. i have been travelling to many countries aroud the world to capture the beautiful moments through my lens to translate my feelings of how our planet is beautiful

I have a close connection with the nature and I always strive to highlight its beauty.


Artworks details & captions

The Beast (Artwork)

One day I camped with couple of my friends in AlSarat mountains in Oman

In the morning while hiking through,I saw this weird tree , and what amazed me is that how the branches of this old tree are quirky and its really looks like a real beast , a very rare thing to see in life time.

The kingdom of Dust (Artwork)

It was a dusty day in the Empty Quarter with a lot of sand and dust covering the air, I had very hard mission to  reach this point to get the shot, this is show the harsh life of the desert in this kind of weather condition.

When I stood to photograph this scene I imagined that these trees are the soldie and the line of defense to protect the commander who stands in the middle and orders from him in a dramatic atmosphere.

Unforgettable Moments (Artwork)

The desert has a special unique beauty to it. In the best circumstances, a nature photographer will be able to capture the perfect shot and create a masterpiece. Taken in Sharjah – AlBdayer desert

The Land of Beauty (Artwork)

When the photographers think about the layers and saparation of nature the Desert comes first to the mind as it has a unique elements with crazy curves and lines of sand dunes. Taken in Sharjah AlFaya desert.

Unlimited Beauty (Artwork)

The world is full of different natural habitats. The desert is barren and dry by nature, but it is the source of mother nature. Its beauty is in its simplicity, and when its golden sand shines in the heat and depth of the day’s sun rays, it glistens in its magnificent splendor, possessing the eyes and warming the heart  – from the Empty Quarter Al Ain

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