Giants Herd

Janaina has always loved animals and nature. In 2008 she moved to Botswana, Africa to escape the craziness of one of the busiest cities in the world. Spending time observing the change in seasons and with that the sporadic movement of animals, Janaina was inspired to bring these scenes to life through her photography.

She puts her trust in the animals more so than humans. She says that she is comfortable with the wild animals as she spent years observing their every movement, their body language, so that she would limit the chance of one of these extremely powerful and dangerous animals turning on her.

During this time in Botswana Janaina was involved in wildlife conservation projects. She worked with the local rural communities living on the border of the National Parks where the human & wildlife conflict takes place.

When Janaina chose to move to Botswana she knew that she was going to one of the wildest places in Africa where almost half of the countries land is wilderness.

Janaina’s photography serves to document her passion and connection with the natural world and to bring awareness to the importance of conserving the environment and the wilderness in which these animals live.

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