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June 11th to September 8th, 2013
While The Empty Quarter strives to contribute new and revolutionary photography to the Dubai art scene, the gallery also focuses on keeping its past exhibitions just as current as they were the first day when they arrived in the gallery. As a result, this summer, The Empty Quarter presents “Art Market- Bringing back the classics” presenting a collection centered on ten artists. From exploring the South Pole in 1912 to Magnum Photography from China, combined with the serenity of Scotland with the stark contrast of women in Egypt, The Empty Quarter offers something for all tastes and preferences. As eclectic and versatile the collection is, the message remains one and unified, the gallery’s focus on purely Fine Art Photography.
Sami Nabeel
Born in Jordan, Nabeel’s passion for landscape photography originates from an early age. His desire to “marry light to subject” has driven him to explore new terrains and convey emotions which would not be present without the use of his camera. Currently based in the UK, his Nocturneseries was photographed in Iceland and Scotland.
Josef Hoflehner
Described as a man who “turns landscapes into art” Hoflehner’s pass   ion for black and white photography is epitomized in his Zanzibar series. Awarded the Nature Photography award in 2007, Hoflehner’s works have been exhibited throughout Europe and in New York, with works done from Yemen, Oman, the Emirates and Tanzania.
Marc Riboud
For more than 60 years, Marc Riboud has engaged generations of contemporary photography lovers with his powerful compositions about life and his intimate captures during his world travels. In 1951, he met Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and David Seymour, the founders of Magnum Photos. In less than two years, he became a member of Magnum till 1979 when he resigned. His ability to capture fleeting moments in life through powerful compositions was already apparent, and this skill was to serve him well for decades to come.
Herbert Pointing
In 1910, the Terra Nova expedition set itself the glorious task of conquering the South Pole. Led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, the vessel met its tragic demise after the bitter discovery of not being the first ones to reach their destination. The beauty of Scott’s journey did not fade away: Herbert G. Ponting, recruited as ‘camera artist’ for the Terra Nova expedition, recorded their journey.
Leila Alaoui
In her Moroccan series first presented at The Empty Quarter as part of the Women on the Verge group exhibition, Alaoui’s docmunetary photography has received notable attention. She focuses on detail, such as in her “guerrab“…or water-seller. This one is from a souk in Boumia (near Meknes), but most people who visited Marrakech’s Souk el Fna have met these water-sellers who now make a living by posing for the cameras. They are a ubiquitous presence in other Morocco’s cities.
Eman Mohammed
Palestinian photojournalist, Mohammed’s works have been closely following the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since 2006. Mohammed’s photographs have appeared in the Guardian, the Washington Post and Le Monde and capture everything from the deadly air strikes during Israel’s war on Gaza last year to impassioned militant funerals and the picturesque work of Gaza’s deep-sea fishermen.She has gained international recognition for her poignant and compelling photos, while at the same time battling her own society’s prejudices about the path she has chosen.
Laura El Tantwy
British-Egyptian born photographer, El Tantwy moves between London and Cairo. Given her multicultural background, she has found solace in photography not just as an artistic form of expression, but also as an inner voice to reflect upon her own identity and how it relates to the world around her. She mostly works on self-initiated projects. Her series In the Shadow of the Pyramids and The Veil she explores her traditional upbringing in the face of the liberal West.
Martin  Roemers
Born in the Netherlands, Roemers’ classic long-exposure photographs are highlighted in his Metropolis series. The images of people swirling around in Mumbai and Karachi document the chaos of cities with populations over ten million. Roemers created pictures that convey not only the mass and energy of megacities but also the humanity of the individuals living in them.
Denis Rito
Born in the Philippines, Rito’s series Home Sweet Home explores his home island nation. This is a unique collection from Rito, whose works have been featured in Expat Travel and Lifestyle Magazine. In addition to being a photographer, he is also a multi-disciplinary designer.
Pamela Hanson
With an international background from London to New York, and over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry Hanson’s work are fashion icons. In addition to photography, she has also directed a commercials, and published a collection of her personal and professional works.  
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