May 4 2020 - May 4 2020


Opening Exhibition : 14th march 7pm – 9pm
DIFC Art Night : 15th march 7pm – 10pm
Dates: 14th March – 14th May 2016
This exhibition is Reem Al Faisal’s culmination of twenty five years of experimentation in photography. Throughout this period, this innovative and creative photographer has continuously challenged herself, mediating her work in black and white, and intensifying her dalliance with light and shade. Reem Al Faisal is one of very few contemporary and internationally renowned photographers of Arab origin with a distinct and instantly recognizable signature: her mastery of the art of darkening and illuminating everything she captures with her camera.  
  • May 4 2020 - May 4 2020

  • Reem Al Faisal

The Chiaroscuro retrospective exhibition can be described as a single woven piece whose threads of light are floating in an intimate entanglement, imperceptible to the uninitiated.

The artistic and spiritual concerns of artist-photographer Reem Al Faisal are summarized and reflected in Chiaroscuro as a complete work comparable with that of artist James Turrell and photographer Lilian Bassman.

Similarly, Reem Al Faisal also worked on the dematerialization of light and emergence and dissolution of color combined with the will to offer spaces for visual and physical sensations.

“When we feel everything is lost and find ourselves in complete darkness, there always remains a glimmer of light; we sometimes call it hope, or inner guidance.

Marvels are everywhere, even when it comes to darkness and silence”

Reem Mohamed Al Faisal Al Saud.


Al Tamimi & Company in partnership with the Empty Quarter Gallery are proud to sponsor the creative exhibition “Chiaroscuro” by Saudi Arabian Princess HH Reem Al-Faisal. As the largest law firm in the Middle East with 16 offices in 9 countries, including two offices in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Al Tamimi has been the ‘go to’ firm for many local and international organisations for over 25 years. With core values of growth and innovation, we seek to support local and aspiring talent, and to provide artists with the opportunity to connect with the corporate community.

Al Tamimi’s sponsorship of Princess Reem Al-Faisal’s innovative work is a key example of our commitment to supporting the growth of local talent. To find out more about our firm, please visit

This art exhibition is also supported by Aramex Art, a logistics management entity within Aramex specialized in freight art handling and exhibition freight forwarding services for artists, dealers, museums, collectors and galleries across the world.

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Princess Reem Al Faisal is the grand daughter of the late King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. She enjoyed photography from an early age, and with her parents’ support she left her studies in Arabic literature at King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, to attend Speos, a photography school in Paris.

Some of her recent group exhibitions include Howard Greenberg Gallery NYC 2014, , Le Violon Bleu, Tunis 2012, EQ Jeddah in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2015 among others.

Reem Al Faisal says: “I like to define myself as a Muslim artist, from my native Saudi Arabian culture and history. Through my art, I endeavour to show signs of the Divine in nature and in people”.


Co-founded by Saudi Arabian Princess HH Reem Al-Faisal, Emirati Safa Al-Hamed. The Empty Quarter is the first of its kind in the region – a space dedicated solely to photography.

One of the very first galleries to open up in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), The Empty Quarter’s aim was to get the art industry more excited about photography and deem it a serious medium. Since its inception, the gallery has hosted exhibitions of works by renowned regional and international photographers, including award-winning Steve McCurry, and Bruno Barbey, Andreas H Bitesnich, Roland & Sabrina Michaud, Marc Riboud and Carl De Keyzer, among others.

The Empty Quarter has also opened its very own printing Lab in the actual gallery space “we decided to bring high quality printing to the region – it’s important as we deal with prints all the time,” comments Safa Al-Hamed.

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