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Dates: 23rd November 2016 – 10th January 2017
Steve Mc Curry has made pictures of people and places around the world from three decades. His images are iconic, privileged moments pulled from time. They show want mattered, and they endure. His pictures lead us into their frame – and then draw us to far larger places of the spirit. Through Mc Curry’s images, we can begin to comprehend a culture and its people.
Some photographs are more like acquaintances, people that one might politely greet on the street and then pass by.
A few special pictures are like loved ones, and we know their faces by heart. They move us – into joy and perhaps into sorrow. They take us by the hand and often by the soul. They represent a place and a time, and surely an idea. These are icons of Asia.
Mc Curry’s icons are created in the bargain between image and mind – it’s hard to forget the light, the eyes, the trust, or the boy leaping around the corner.
In 2001, Mc Curry saw a girl in Tibet with her new coat.  He recognized the telling contrast between her beauty and her circumstance. We trust his voice and his eye to tell us the truth. Mc Curry is a storyteller, he captures tales of the human condition and constructs his stories as would a skilled orator. He is an eminent historian of our time.
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  • May 4 2020 - May 4 2020

  • Steve McCurry


Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, McCurry studied cinematography at Pennsylvania State University, before going on to work for a newspaper. After two years, McCurry made his first of what would become many trips to India. Traveling with little more than a bag of clothes and film, he made his way across the subcontinent, exploring the country with his camera.

It was after several months of travel that he crossed the border into Pakistan. In a small village he met a group of refugees from Afghanistan, who smuggled him across the border into their country, just as the Russian invasion was closing the country to Western journalists. Emerging in traditional dress, with full beard and weather-worn features after months embedded with the Mujahideen, McCurry made his way over the Pakistan border with his film sewn into his clothes. McCurry’s images were among the first to show the world the brutality of the Russian invasion.

Since then, McCurry has gone on to create unforgettable images over six continents and numerous countries. His body of work spans conflicts, vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike – yet always retains the human element that made his celebrated image of the Afghan Girl such a powerful image.

McCurry has been recognized with some of the most prestigious awards including the Robert Capa Gold Medal, National Press Photographers Award, and an unprecedented four first prize awards from the World Press Photo contest amongst dozens of others.

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