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September 10 through October 12, 2013
An opening reception will be held on Tuesday, September 10.
Nature has always been a constant source of solace and serenity. With its luscious colors, ever-changing temperament, nature is cradle which we all seek. Stepping out into the fresh air, surrounded by trees, mountains, even the dessert, such onrush of scenery can be a profound, if not celestial experience. Nature provides beauty, heartbreaking beauty, everywhere.
Yet with the ever-growing presence of technology, the modern world is drifting further away from the warmth, aesthetics, and ancient knowledge nature has to offer. We have expelled large parts of it needlessly from our lives, and withdrawn from the rest. Nature has become a novelty, something endangered, viewed from a distance. Its amenity is no longer experienced in reality, only appearing as screen savers and desktop backgrounds. Thus it has fallen to arts to commemorate the remains of nature, yet truthfully no form of it is inferior to art, for the arts merely imitate natural forms.
To begin its Fall season, The Empty Quarter brings nature out of its slumber, and into the lives of art patrons and lovers through the works of three distinguished fine art photographers. Their combined works illustrate the turbulent world of landscapes, haunting images of the forest, and even beauty which technology contributes to nature. Allan Gill, Waleed Marhoum, and Beth Moon’s photographs are for those looking to nestle in to nature and escape the cold concrete world.
Allan Gill is among a selected group of photographers who utilizes the clinical technology of radiography for fine art photography. With his veterinarian background, Gill followed in the footsteps of Dr. Dain Tasker who produced X-Rays of flowers. Such a delicate procedure requires considerable skill, for balancing the subtle features of petals compared to revealing the hidden contents of the more dense structures. Gill received his Doctorate of Veterinary Science from the University of Saskatchewan, and began his photography career in Canada and the United States. Over the years, he has been represented by several galleries in North America, with this being his first show in the MENA region. His work has been published internationally, in LensWork Magazine, Focus Magazine, and most recently in the March 2013 issue of Black and White Photography. Gill’s series White on Black  and Color showcase the balance of nature and technology, transitioning the viewer into the worlds of Marhoum and Moon.
Marhoum has been fascinated with unstructured compositions, models which flowed freely, unconstricted by order. Thus with his focus on freedom, he began his artistic career as a calligrapher- visualizing the alphabet in geometric forms. By 2005 however, Marhoum turned his attention to photography, which he used to show how he perceived his community. In the end however, his true talent emerged with landscapes. Marhoum has enjoyed a favorable reception in the MENA region, with group exhibitions and photography competitions in Saudi Arabia. His first solo exhibition tool place in Riyadh, and this will be his first exhibition at The Empty Quarter.
Beth Moon’s photographs exhibit the antiquity of trees through the classical process of platinum palladium printing. With her subjects as some of the oldest in the collection, with trees nearing 4,000 years old, she captured these relics of a forgotten past for the sake of posterity, through a method which is slowly becoming replaced by new digital technology.
Moon’s technique also emulates her passion for all things classical. Her works are brought to life through platinum printing, and with platinum being such a strong substance these photographs can last for thousands of years, much like their subjects have done so.
Moon has exhibited in individual and group shows across the United States, United Kingdom, and Italy. Her publications have appeared in international publications in Europe, Asia, as well as North America. Her Awards include Top Photographer in 2004 from the Golden Light Award, Favorite Portfolio in 2007 from Les rencontres d’Arles, and Curators Choice in 2011 from Canton Luminaries.
  • May 6 2020 - May 6 2020

  • Beth Moon

  • Allan Gill

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