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November 11 through December 12,2013
An opening reception will be held on Monday, November 11.
Austrian-born Andreas H. Bitesnich’s ‘body of work’ has earned him much éclat in the photographic world over the last 25 years; he is widely regarded as one of the greatest portraiture photographers of our time with his alluring, evocative and sometimes controversial images.  However, in his travel series Bitesnich proves he is equally adroit as a landscape photographer.  His travels are captured through the eye of a lens, revealing the multi-faceted ouvre of this enchanting artist…  “You’ve got to react quickly, because in a second that cloud is gone and it doesn’t come back; so I learned from my travel photography that you’ve got to react straight away, or it’s gone.”
In his signature portraiture formula, Bitesnich masterfully uses lighting and shadow to caress the models’ lean forms, giving them an almost sculptural-like quality against a stark, minimalistic background.  In his travel series, however, moody backgrounds are positively embraced and celebrated. Magnificent lighting is again at play, capturing the very richest of rich details and compelling the viewer to revisit the images; they do not disappoint and Bitesnich’s sheer brilliance reveals something new with every visit.  By his own admission, Bitesnich is a perfectionist and each image can only be achieved through a combination of emotion and technique in hearty measures.  For the artist, it’s not just a question of producing technically brilliant or aesthetically pleasing images; no, an image has to create a reaction of some sort “otherwise what’s the point in having a picture there?”  Any reaction is considered worthy – from ecstasy to abhorrence and the whole gamut in between; it is only indifference to his images that would disappoint him.
Bitesnich was born in Vienna in 1964.  A self-taught craftsman, he quit his retail job in 1989 to follow his dream of becoming a professional photographer; today, he is one of the world’s most renowned portraiture photographers.  He works unconstrained by socially accepted standards of beauty. His first book, Nudes, published by Edition Stemmle in 1998 won the Kodak Photography Award of the same year. In 2001, teNeues releasedWoman and further titles followed.  Bitesnich’s latest publication – Akt auf Marke – was released at the beginning of 2012 together with an exclusive set of postage stamps bearing his photographs.  His work has been showcased in joint and group exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States and has adorned the pages of several popular men’s magazines – Stern, Max and GQ to name but a few.
Travel, his book of fine-art travel photography, received much acclaim and was hugely successful. In his Deeper Shades series he digs deep and pays homage to several of the world’s major urban landscapes (New York, Paris, Tokyo), presenting the nitty gritty of life “behind the velvet curtain”. And inIndia he pays tribute to the extremes, surprises, contradictions and scents “of this land where the past meets the future”. The images explore every facet of Indian existence; another of Bitesnich’s glorious gifts to the photographic world.
The Empty Quarter presents Andreas Bitesnich’s magnificent works from Kenya, Egypt, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, India, Japan, the United States and France.
  • May 6 2020 - May 6 2020

  • Andreas H. Bitesnich

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