May 5 2020 - May 5 2020


Opening reception Wednesday, January 14th from 7pm -10pm
Exhibition: January 14th – February 17th, 2015
The Empty Quarter Gallery is proud to present works from the highly acclaimed travel portrait photographer Mario Marino.
Journeying to exotic parts of the world, Marino records his presence in foreign lands with portraits of its people. From India to Africa and across the ocean to Cuba, the resulting body of work forms a remarkable social document and a unique record of communities. Penetrating below the surface, Marino reveals the personalities beneath the images and offers the viewer a glimpse at their identities, aspirations, hopes and dreams as communicated through their portraits. Always central to his pictures is an empathetic connection to his subjects.
Marino makes ordinary people, such as the lady holding the cat, the boxer and the cobbler, appear exceptional through the lens of his camera.Each image conveys a sense of simple joy of being and living in the world. “ To me it’s essential to show the beauty and dignity of people. Empathy and walking is the key to my work. A normal day consists of about 8 – 10 hours walking around looking for people (15 to 20 kilometres a day),” states Marino.
All the while, the photographer captured his surroundings on film, creating a striking and disparate record of the last vestiges of traditional Muslim societies in transition. Sanders’ own deep commitment to and love of traditional Islamic culture has brought him into intimate contact with people and places few photographers reach.
The images are also technically superb, showcasing beautiful tonal gradations, textures and subtle colours. Marino achieves a natural spontaneity and direct awareness in each of his portraits.
“I try to read people’s lives, the circumstances they live. I really do love people. I’m fascinated by their cultural background and identity, “ declares the photographer.
An impressive collection, the result of several years of travel and dedication are on display in this exhibition. An enchanting journey not to be missed.
Mario Marino, born in 1967 in Austria, is a travel portrait photographer based in Germany.
Marino has been photographing various peoples in their native lands since 2000.His work is exhibited in museums and galleries around the world: Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Brusells, Cologne, Dubai, Edinburgh, Ghent, London, Munich, Nijmegen, North Wales, Paris, Schwaz, Stockholm, Würzburg and most notably the Leica Gallery, Salzburg.
  • May 5 2020 - May 5 2020

  • Mario Marino

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