May 4 2020 - May 4 2020


Dates: 14th March 2017 – 30th April 2017
The fragmented urban landscape from yesterday distance is today the dazzling metropolis situated between promise and vision.
Dubai emerged without any historical precedent to one of the most important cities.
The Empty Quarter is proud to present the artworks of fine art photography for Tor Seidel, Jalal Jamal Bin Thaneya and Al-Moutasim Al-Maskery.
This art exhibition is supported by Etihad Airways
  • May 4 2020 - May 4 2020

  • Tor Seidel

  • Jalal Jamal Bin Thaneya

  • Al-Moutasim Al-Maskery


German Photographer Tor Seidel has already illuminated the relationship between identity, space and meaning in his Tableaus, a series that the artist has been working on since 2006.

Like a topographer, the artist collected the best views of “The Dubai” tested sight lines, color temperatures, the incidence of the sun’s radiation, pursued curious situations or constructed them himself.

Tor Seidel attempts to fathom with his camera in order to lay down tracks for us, day-by-day, picture-by-picture.

Since November 2016, he has a teaching position for Fine-Art Photography at the University of Sharjah (College of Fine-Art and Design).

 Tor Seidel captured Dubai when it seems to us chaotic and unstructured.

Emirati Photographer Jalal Jamal Bin Thaneya continues to document areas of mystery and abandonment, telling a story of self-realization, struggle and neglect.

The series captures the inner workings of the petroleum industry and the fate of desolate gas stations in and around the country that reflect a past that is slowly being replaced by a new facade. Our relationship with petroleum has helped society advance into the modern era but with these advancements has come challenges such as war, the strain on our planets echo system and the lasting effect it will have on generations to come who may never see the benefits of this finite resource.

The project takes on a neutral view on the subject and invites the viewer to contemplate a future when the time comes for the last barrel of oil to leave the country.

Omani Photographer Al-Moutasim Al-Maskery captured Mountains of Dhofar as a mysterious ancient place with dramatic changes within the landscape of this region in the South of Oman.

This season from July to September is locally known as “khareef”. The changes of landscape formed their way of life throughout history. As globalization opens the region their customs are in the verge of change.

Al-Moutasim Al-Maskery’s first series of in total three, will be continued and on a solo show here at The Empty Quarter.

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