May 6 2020 - May 6 2020


Opening reception Tuesday, April 22nd from 7pm -10pm
Exhibition: April 22nd – May  22nd, 2014
Travelling Exhibition of Sami Nabeel & Martin Smith
A Place has no spirit. It is man’s spirit that is mirrored in the places he inhabits and the monuments he erects. The Empty Quarter Gallery is proud to be the first to exhibit the travelling body of work of two landscape photographers, Sami Nabeel & Martin Smith. The study of man’s spiritual beliefs as reflected in their places of worship from Islamic to Christian religions to Buddhist philosophy is the preoccupation of both artists as they travel the globe capturing the spiritual essence of each edifice with their lens.
Nabeel & Smith, make use of an extensive palette of tones to convey the ethereal nature of the human soul. “Man is not black and white but made up of millions of shades of grey”,  states Nabeel. The work itself emits a spiritual aura not a stark reality but a mysticism conveyed in tones of grey.
A gathering of selected pieces over a span of 15 years is on exhibit this month.
Martin Smith
Martin Smith, (born in London,1956). As a graduate mathematician, Smith has combined his passion for photography with a successful career in the financial services industry. More than
a decade ago he devoted himself completely to the art of documentary photography. The result of extensive travels over five continents has produced a body of work that includes some of the world’s most famous as well as unknown locations.
“Every second that passes is history. That moment will not return. Everything changes. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly but nothing lasts forever. These are the factors that inspire me to create a particular image. Moments in time, captured forever.”
Smith pursues a lifetime project entitled “Abandoned America” which is a study of life along the infamous Route 66. His study of London will shortly be published in a new book. His work has featured in the Sunday Times, Daily Telepraph and other journals.
Sami Nabeel
Sami Nabeel (born in Jordan,1958) is an engineer by profession who currently resides in London. His passion for landscape photography was fostered at an early age and continues to parallel his career. Most of the images he captures are on large format equipment and, when time permits, Nabeel travels in search of those moments when the light weaves its magic.
“The aim of my photography is to capture the light; together with the help of the landscape I strive to write with light”, states Nabeel. Nabeel’s work has has been exhibited on an international scale as well he has published several large format photography books including  “Writing with Light”(colour and black & white plates).  
  • May 6 2020 - May 6 2020

  • Martin Smith

  • Sami Nabeel

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