May 8 2020 - May 8 2020


February 7th, 7-10 pm
Joseph Hoflehner is an international acclaimed photographer known for his black and white landscapes. He has extensively traveled in the Arab region, including Yemen, the Emirates and now Zanzibar, with its many traces as part of the Omani culture, to which it is connected through a shared history.
Omar Al Zaabi, a young Emirati photographer, is presented with Other Life, a body of work, shot in expressive contrasts, in which he reveals a more existential, perhaps darker and rarely glimpsed side of life as experienced in his home country.
Sami Nabeel was born in Jordan, but currently lives in London. He writes about Nocturnes, a new series strongly influenced by classical music:
The forces of nature are much stronger than the forces deployed by us as individuals. We must understand not to fight these forces, but merge with them to achieve striking results. Having visited a location and made up my mind to photograph, I never look for a photograph. The photograph finds me and says ‘I am here, take me’, and I say ‘yes, I can hear you’. When making my images, I do not allow what use they will have to cloud my mind. I believe that my art should be purposeless; it should not be diminished by serving other agendas. Nocturnes reflect my harmony with nature they are tranquil, expressive, lyrical and evocative.
Nasser Al Hameli is one of the few large format photographers in the UAE. Out of his passion for alternative photography and his love for the photographic print, he has taught himself, among others with the aid of online resources, to make exquisite platinum palladium prints.
  • May 8 2020 - May 8 2020

  • Nasser Alhameli (UAE)

  • Omar Alzaabi (UAE)

  • Joseph Hoflehner (Austria)

  • Sami Nabeel (Jordan)

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